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With more and more accessibility to good medical care and ever increasing awareness about health and well being, the life expectancy is on the rise all over the world. This is a good sign and a tribute to the dedication of our medical fraternity. People are now able to work actively in their sixties and seventies and many of these elderly members of society are participating in sports and leisure activities like golf, tennis, trekking , swimming etc.

From a clinician’s point of view this has lead to a huge and rising volume of active and health conscious elderly population. More and more of these people are now visiting our OPD’s with geriatric conditions like cardiac problems, hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis etc. Out of all these, osteoarthritis is one disease for which there is a single step solution i.e. joint replacement. Once done the patient is free from all pain killers and visits to the orthopaedic surgeon.

Knee replacement surgery has been a taboo amongst our patient, people are ‘scared’ when the doctor mentions surgery. The reasons for the repulsion are various : financial , some bad experience , lack of family support, additional medical problems etc.

Let’s take these one by one.

Financial : In spite of India’s phenomenal rise as an economy many people don’t have reach to basic health care facilities so knee replacement is just like a dream. Another reason is that our elderly are most of the times dependent on their next generation for finances leading to so many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ that the dream becomes impossibility.

Bad Experience : Knee replacement is a dream for many surgeons also because every young surgeon wants to be a knee replacement surgeon. This has given some of the worst results and a bad name to the surgery.

Lack of Family support : Apart from finances these patients need some sort of physical assistance in their post operative period from the family members. In this age of nuclear families it may be difficult many a times for any of the younger members to devote that much time.

Medical Problems : Most of these patients do have some medical ailments like cardiac, renal, respiratory insufficiency, diabetes etc. Such patients presume that such a major surgery ( which is not a life saving surgery ) is not worth taking the risk.

Many a times we meet patients who are not doing well after knee replacement. The reason why they chose a particular hospital for their surgery ; commonest answer is :’it’s close to our house.’ This is something that surprises us as surgeons. Knee replacement is a once in lifetime surgery , it should not be taken casually.

Choose your hospital and orthopedic surgeon carefully. The centre should be fully equipped for all sorts of emergencies , should have good ICU and cardiac back up as we are dealing with elderly patients. One thing that is difficult to judge for a patient is : efficient and disciplined technical manpower. This comes automatically to a place where attention is given to every detail , it’s a culture which has to be ingrained by the institution in its every employee.

The orthopedic surgeon should be trained for joint replacement surgery which means he must have worked at some good centre at least for few years. It’s an entirely different discipline from general orthopaedics which the surgeon subconsciously imbibes during his training. The initial training makes him aware of ‘something wrong somewhere’ but with time he raises the bar and starts looking for excellence. This doesn’t happen in weeks and months.


Over the years as a joint replacement surgeon I have realized that my forty minutes with the patient in the operation theatre are going to decide his/her fate for the rest of their lives. But… more important than that is how much time I spend with my patient before and after the surgery.

I have seen patients getting operated but they are still unable to walk, reason : surgeon was too busy to do a detailed examination, patient was actually having a spine disorder !

Looks unbelievable …. it happens when we as surgeons stop looking beyond knee joint.

We as a team make sure that the patient is examined at least three times before surgery i.e. in OPD, after admission and on table just before surgery. Detailed history is taken , every time by a different surgeon. Once the patient consents for surgery, the limb to be operated is marked , which is again checked by surgeon and confirmed by the scrub nurse and patient in the operation theatre.

The limb to be operated is cleaned & painted with antiseptic solution and wrapped in a sterile linen . It starts 24 hrs before surgery and is done twice a day. We have only one chance to give the patient a painfree and infectionfree knee and the credit goes to my junior colleagues and support staff for achieving the same.

We are doing our knee replacements by MIS technique. This means smaller scar, minimal tissue injury, less post operative discomfort and early mobilisation .This translates into benefit to the family i.e. shorter hospital stay reduces cost of treatment, less tissue trauma means no blood transfusion again reducing cost and complications . Early mobility means easier nursing care for the attendants and most importantly for this age group the overall physical and psychological well being dramatically improves once they become self dependent for their daily activities.

After the surgery we as a team of surgeons follow every little development the patient makes.. These patients are not allowed many visitors for first five days to avoid any cross infection. Our persistent presence sort of fills that void also. We try to create the sense of belongingness with these patients by spending time with them and encouraging them to do better. Even after the discharge our team visits the patient frequently for physiotherapy , feedback and to look for any problem the patient or the family is facing.

Knee replacement is an excellent surgery which has given a new life to so many arthritic patients all over the world. The family and the surgical team (the family at hospital) need to put in extra efforts, need to be more vigilant to give the best results to these senior members of our family because they deserve it.

Upcoming Events
  • Coming up with a mega campaign "Lets Fight Arthritis" on the occasion of World Arthritis Day, at A4 Block, Gauri Shankar Mandir, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. The campaign will be on 9th October 2016(Sunday). 

  • Health Awareness Campaign on 28th August at Gurudwara Singh Sabha E Block Karampura, Delhi.

  • Coming up with a mega campaign on Spine & Back Pain on 5th June 2016 at Gurudwara New Ranjeet Nagar (near Satyam Ciema), Patel nagar, Delhi in association with Sukhmani Charitable Trust, Delhi.

  • Coming up with an awareness campaign on Arthritis Management & Control on 22nd May 2016 at Guru Ram Dass Charitable Medical Centre - Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Moti Nagar, Delhi.  

  • Mega campaign on Arthritis Management on "Mother's Day" 8th May 2016 at West Patel Nagar, Delhi - 110008

  • Mega campaign on Arthritis Management in association with "Varishth Nagrik Kesari Club" - Punjab Kesari Delhi on 6th April 2016 (Wednesday)

  • Dr. Ashwani Maichand Participated in Shoulder Conclave 2016 at JWT Marriott, Pune

  • Dr. Ashwani Maichand was the Table instructor for young doctors at Cadaver Joint Replacement Training on 21st February 2016 at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

  • Arthritis Awareness campaign on 28th february 2016 from 10 am to 1 pm at Minomax Knee & Shoulder Clinics (8/29, West Patel nagar, Delhi, India)

  • Participating as a speaker on "Dificult cases of Hip & Knee Replacement" in 2nd Masters Course in Arthroplasty at Meril Academy, VAPI, Gujarat from 4th to 6th February 2016






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