Kinetic chain assessment of swimmers

Various test to assess kinetic chain strenght of swimmers are -
(1) the core stability test,
(2) the shoulder flexibility test,
(3) the scapula stabilization test,
(4) the rotator cuff strength test,
(5) the vertical jump test.
 The core stability-
Insufficient strength in the core musculature, or the inability to control the force that's produced by those muscles can lead to injury and inefficiency when swimming. The core stability test assesses the strength and control you have over those muscles. 
The shoulder flexibility -
Swimmers commonly exhibit a reduced range of motion in the shoulder, particularly in internal rotation. Internal rotation is a big component of virtually every stroke. Though this repetitive motion, the muscles can become quite strong but also develop tightness. Any decreased range of motion can cause the ball-and-socket joint in the shoulder to move abnormally or place undue stress on the structures in the shoulder, either of which could predispose to injury.
The scapula stabilization test -
This test evaluates the strength of the muscles that control the shoulder blades. When these muscles are weak, greater stress is placed on the muscles of the rotator cuff, and the chance of impingement increases. 
 The rotator cuff strength test -
The four muscles of the rotator cuff (teres minor, infraspinatus, subcsapularis, and supraspinatus) are responsible for generating force and stabilizing the shoulder in all of the swimming strokes. The internal rotators tend to become stronger than the external rotators in swimmers, setting up a force imbalance in the shoulder. The rotator cuff strength test examines the strength in the external rotators to determine if additional strengthening of these muscles are needed.
The vertical jump test -
The vertical jump is a test of lower-body power, a combination of force and speed. Explosive lower-body power will allow you to drive of the starting blocks or off the wall after every turn. Leg strength also is the foundation of a strong kick. 

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